What is Ticonderoga? A question asked by all new members and honored guests. Ticonderoga: a place of meeting, of congregation, of plots and schemes; a place of boisterous drinking and grateful dining, of revelry, revelation, revolution; a home for friends and wayward strangers. Ticonderoga: the club to which any of striving soul and honest heart are welcome to join.


Open every day, except Wednesday. Lunch 11:30am – 2:30pm; Dinner at 5:00pm


Located in the back of Krog Street Market, next to Jeni’s Ice Cream.

“Following our year-long vision quest around the South, we came back to the fact that what charges us up is not concept driven, but the simple fact of being close to the folks we respect and are fortunate enough to call our peers. Too many of our friends were going to be at Krog Street Market! We decided that we wanted to join the party, and a party always needs more ice, snacks and beverages."
Ticonderoga Club Atlanta Chapter Founders